Kensington Accessory K62044WW Keyed Cable Lock for Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Go


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Exclusively Designed for Surface Pro
Kensington worked directly with Microsoft to provide professional-level security and superior device engagement so you can secure your Surface Pro with confidence.

Non-invasive locking technology
Non-invasive locking technology provides easy-to-use security solution that requires no device modifications, preserving the Surface Pros hardware warranty and aesthetics.

Strong lock head
Tested for torque/pull, foreign implements, lock lifecycle, corrosion, key strength and other environmental conditions, this lock head meets Kensingtons industry-leading standards for tamper resistance, reliability and durability so you can secure your Surface Pro with confidence.

5mm keying system
5mm keying system includes patented anti-pick Hidden Pin Technology, and is part of Kensingtons robust key management solutions that include Master Keyed (K62052M) and Supervisor Keyed (K62052S) options to help IT managers minimise the number of keys required to secure devices in mixed technology environments.

Carbon Steel Cable
Offering the same level of cut-resistance and theft-deterrence as thicker cables, the 6 ft. (1.8m) plastic sheath-covered carbon steel cable offers security with greater mobility.

Register and Retrieve
Kensingtons online key registration program that allows for quick, secure and easy key replacement if it ever gets lost or stolen.
Lock Management
Item Dimension (L”xW”xH”)
1 x 7 x 9

1 lb

Warranty Information
2 years

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