Tripp Lite 1ft USB 2.0 High Speed Cable Reversible A to 5Pin Micro B M-M


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Tripp Lite UR050-001, 1ft USB 2.0 A to Micro-B cable, features a Universal / Reversible “A” connector, which takes the guesswork out of which way to position the “A” connector for plugging. Micro-USB is the next generation of USB connector that will be found on Cell Phones, PDA’s, USB On-the-Go ( OTG ) devices, Digital Cameras, and more. Smaller and more durable ( 10,000 insertion cycles ) than the existing mini-B connectors, the Micro-USB will also handle Power transfers, as well as Data. The USB Implementers Forum ( USB-IF ) has designed the Micro-USB to eliminate many of the proprietary Mini connectors found on different manufacturers digital devices, and it will be the standard USB connection on phones from the major cell phone manufacturers. USB 2.0 rated cable handles 480Mbps data transfer rates.

  • Universal / Reversible “A” Male to Micro-B Male
  • USB 2.0 480Mbps Transfer rates
  • Provides both Data and Power transfers
  • Next Generation USB Digital Device Connector

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