xDuoo Accessory XD-05 Poke Hot Pocket Full Featured Portable DAC and AMP Black


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-Fancy but not too much
Almost as big as the Sony A-Series Walkman, the key layout is re-optimized according to Walkmans operational logic, makes them belong to each other.

-Exquisite craft shows rich texture
Whole aluminum alloy shell, anodized and fine sandblasting both solid and significant texture, looks great with Walkman.

-High thrust,release the potential of your headset.
Same weight as SONY Walkman but a few times more powerful, OPA1622 drive current up to 140MA, in-ear or can muff all suitable.

-Zero noise, farewell to bad moods
High quality 0PA1662 low-pass filter, add LDO low dropout linear regulator, to reduce distortion and bottom noise, signal to noise ratio up to 112dB, darker back ground.

-Energetic, entertaining
The core power supply part adopts high efficiency power con-version circuit, and the dynamic range of output signal is great-ly increased.Bass energy and dynamic enhances your music listening, gaming, video viewing experience.

-“Seamless docking” with the whole Walkman serial
With the SONY USB Audio cable, POKE is widely compatible with the SONY ZX series, the A series Walkman, including the first generation ZX1, A15, and so on.

-A “HiFi” level add-on for computer and cellphone

-Magic stickers bundle with no burden
xDuoo special made X-SK1 magic sticker, hidden in between the player and the POKE, thin and won t affect the operation and the look like a bundle band.

-Flagship DAC Takes all lossless format
AKM high class chip AK4490, sup-port native DSD, DXD and PCM signal. The real native DSD 32Bit/384KHz sampling rate, and it takes all the mainstream audio format.

-8 Core Chip, High Bit/Sampling

-Dual Crystal Oscillator, Ultra-low Noise.

-Volume Adjustment, Farewell to Partial tone

-Intelligent optimization, Extends Battery Life
Function parameters
OUTPUT: 250mW+250mW at 32ohm
FREQUENCY: 20Hz-20kHz(+/-0.5dB)
S/N: 112dB at 1KHz ( LINE OUT)
DISTORTION: 0.0025% at 1KHz ( Headphone AMP )
-less than or eqaul to 3h ( Fast 1A ),
-less than or equal to 6h ( Regular 500MA)
GAIN: 0dB/+6dB
-SPDIF: more than or equal to 8h,
-LINE IN: more than or equal to 20h
Item Dimension (L inchxW inchxH inch)
7 x 5 x 3


Warranty Information
12 months

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