Shipping Policy


Firebrough Electronics ships orders to any valid postal address (excluding freight forwarding services or post office boxes) within the United States of America. Typically, we ship orders within two business days excluding weekends and holidays. Delivery times to the shipping location depends on carriers available when processing an order, but typically we strive for our customers to receive their order within seven calendar days.

Shipping Charge

Firebrough Electronics charges a shipping charge based on the total weight of all items in an order:

0.00 lbs. – 1.00 lbs.: $4.95 USD
1.01 lbs. – 5.00 lbs.: $6.95 USD
5.01 lbs. – 10.00 lbs.: $10.95 USD
10.01 lbs. – 15.00 lbs.: $13.95 USD
15.01 lbs. – 20.00 lbs.: $16.95 USD
20.01 lbs. – 25.00 lbs.: $19.95 USD
25.01 lbs. – 30.00 lbs.: $22.95 USD
30.01 lbs. – 40.00 lbs.: $32.95 USD
40.01 lbs. – 50.00 lbs.: $42.95 USD
50.01 lbs. and up: $52.95 plus actual shipping rate apply

Additional shipping charges are invoiced and due within 24 hours. If the shipping invoice remains unpaid after 24 hours, the order will not continue processing and may be subject to a 15% order cancellation fee.

Firebrough Electronics offers free shipping on orders over $1,000.00 USD. This offer is automatically adjusted at checkout.

Please note that shipping charges are subject to change.

Handling Charge

Firebrough Electronics charges a handling charge based on the total price amount of the order:

$0.00 – $99.99 USD: $7.00 USD
$100.00 USD and up: $2.00 USD

Please note that handling charges are subject to change.

Expedited Shipping

Firebrough Electronics charges an additional fee for expedited shipping if the service is available during checkout.

International Shipping

Firebrough Electronics utilizes an international shipping agent to process and ship orders outside the United States of America which you may be subject to their policies.