ICY DOCK Removable Storage MB343SPO 5.25 inch External Bay to 3.5 inch HDD Conversion Kit with ODD Mounting Kit


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As technology advances, computer systems are becoming more compact, allowing the system to be easily transported and/or requiring less physical space. As a result, people are maximizing their system’s physical space utility to retain the same functions in a compact space with the use of improved hardware components..

Made for Space Saving
The FLEX-FIT Duo MB343SPO is a lightweight yet durable 3.5-inch to 5.25-inch mounting kit bracket that utilizes a single standard external 5.25” computer bay to accommodate a 9.5mm Ultra-Slim ODD (optical disk drive) and a 3.5” HDD / device. This would ultimately maximize your system space, allowing the user to fit more devices into a smaller space.

Advanced Drive Guiding System
Thanks for our advanced drive guiding system; the device installation process is very easy with the FLEX-FIT Duo MB343SPO.

Simple Tool-less 3.5″ Device Installation
To install your 3.5” device such as card reader or audio control panel, just slide in the device until you heard a click, which indicate the Smart-Tip locks has locked the 3.5” device into place. For extra security, optional screws (included) can be added to each side.

Included 6pin Slimline to 15pin SATA Power Cable
If a 6-pin Slimline ODD power connector is not available in your system, we have included 6 pin Slimline to 15 pin SATA power cable for your convenience.

Detachable Dust Covers
Additionally, a dust cover for Ultra-Slim ODD bay and 3.5” device bay are included and can be snapped-off from the bracket for you to insert it into the front panel slot. This allows the exposed slots to be covered when not in use.
Drive Fit
1 x 3.5 device or hard drive
1 x Ultra-Slim ODD(9.5mm)
Device Fit
1 x External 5.25″ half height device bay
Package Contents
Device, User Manual, Screws
Item Dimension (L inchxW inchxH inch)
2 x 7 x 7
1.00 lb
Warranty Information
3 Years

Weight 1.00 lbs

(ICY, Cremax, DOCK)






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